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Starting in 1996 as an independent league with only a field to play on, PAL’s football stadium currently caters to over 400 players. One of the most diverse in the county, PAL serves children from ages 5-14 and include all race and ethnicities. One of the most important aspects of PAL youth football is to provide safe, quality instruction to our children. PAL’s football teams currently play in the AYF Conference. Manatee PAL is now the home base for the AYF.AYC Conference lead by MCSO, Frank Gargett. Our coaches, led by Deputy Ralph Bryant, strive to teach life skills, academic responsibility, character and develop quality athletes. Over the last seven years there has been an increase of PAL kids participating at the high school and collegiate level. In 2012, Manatee PAL had over 40 alumni playing on their respective high school squads. At the college level we have more than 10 playing football.

PAL has been influential in the lives of area youth since 1989.

For many, sports offer great success, including a college education and a lifetime of higher earnings.
  • Tommie Frazier

    Former NCAA quarterback for Nebraska Cornhuskers. Played for PAL’s Broncos.
  • Terron Sanders

    2008 redshirt sophomore for Florida Gators. Played for PAL’s Raiders.
  • Sirdarean Adam

    Free agent – Kansas City Chiefs 2008, 4 year starter for Michigan State. Played for PAL’s Buccaneers
  • Peter Warrick

    4th overall draft pick for Cincinnati Bengals 2000, played for Seattle Seahawks in 2006, MVP 2000 Sugarbowl. Played for PAL’s Broncos.
  • Latravis Washington

    Linebacker for University of Nebraska, 2007 and 2008 Big 12 Commissioners Academic Honor Roll. Played for PAL’s Panthers.
  • Fabian Washington

    NFL cornerback for Baltimore Ravens, 1st round draft pick Oakland Raiders 2005. Played for PAL’s Broncos.
  • Nehamiah Warrick

    Free agent – New York Giants 2008, 2-year starter for Michigan State. Played for PAL’s Buccaneer.
  • Brian Poole

    NFL cornerback for New York Jets, who was a standout at UF, and starred in the 2017 Super bowl with the Atlanta Falcons.

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Just like the AYF, PAL is an independent 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation that provides athletic and recreational programs as a tool, a way to involve children in the program.  Manatee PAL's mission "To bring law enforcement, kids and families together in a positive, safe environment through sports and academics to build a strong community."

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